According to sources connected with TMZ, Katy Perry and Russell Brand knew their relationship was going downhill a few months ago, but didn’t want to give up without trying. However, things never got any better with both sides feeling like, “it wasn’t there.” Sources go on to tell TMZ that Perry and Brand were both on board with the divorce, but they didn’t want to be in town when the papers were filed. That is why we saw pictures of her in Hawaii and pictures of him in England.

Here is the really confusing part, though. Supposedly Katy didn’t want to be the one that filed for divorce because her parents are evangelical Christians. She didn’t want to disappoint them, since she was raised to believe that divorce was “wrong.”

That is the most insane thing I have ever heard. Not the part where Christians think divorce is wrong; the part where Katy Perry thinks THAT would be the thing that disappoints her parents. I am sure her parents raised her and taught her that shooting icing out of her boobs was wrong…no? Or, is that completely fine?

All the party pictures of Katy touching on other girls? They are completely approving of that? I’m just a little confused here. Either the source is wrong, or Katy Perry is the most fake person ever. She cannot possibly be that oblivious. It’s just that her boobs make her all that money, so she can just forget about that one little sin.

Give me a break. I can’t believe I am siding with Russell Brand on this. I mean, I’d still love to have sex with Katy Perry, but the urge has gone down quite a bit.


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