katyperryspaceKaty Perry is sending Russell Brand into orbit for his 35th birthday. British tabloid The Sun is reporting that she spent over $150,000 for the gift and as an extra treat she dressed up as an astronaut to deliver the gift during a surprise birthday bash at Little Door restaurant in L.A.

A source at the party, said: “Russell thought it was just him and Katy going for dinner. He was bowled over when he walked into the restaurant and saw she had got all his pals and family together for a surprise party.

“Halfway through the dinner she walked in wearing a full astronaut outfit to give Russell the space trip. Everyone cheered for the Brit cake. Katy knows how proud he is of his roots.”

And to think that he only spent $30,000 for a visit from some weird animatronic petting zoo for her birthday. Cheap bastard! We, on the other hand, really know how to treat a lady (especially one with 50 acres of cleavage). Katie, when he’s up there pissing all over the spaceship just to see how piss handles zero gravity you come to our place. And we promise, no farting contests. Just pizza, a good back rub and a good 10 hours of motorboating your breasts under the covers (ok, and maybe a little Dutch oven to spice things up).

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