So, Katy (Cutie) Perry and John (Lothario) Mayer have been spotted together recently and both have been mum on whether or not they are romantically coupled.   My guess is Katy may not yet be ready to commit so soon after being served divorce papers last December from her hubby of 1 year, Russell Brand.  Their divorce was finalized on July 16th.  Not to mention the obvious fact that Mayer has been a – ummm- JACKASS when it comes to relationships.   So why don’t we just ask him.. Hey there, John…learned anything from your past screw-ups and ready to be a real man in a relationship with Katy?  Or, is this just another notch on your crotch.  But hey, your music is okay…

Dear Katy, hope you aren’t left asking, “WTF”?  Worse case scenario – you’ll come out strong as you always do and  I’ll be here racing my fingers over the keyboard to out the villain.




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