So who was at the Boujis Club in London, flashing her color coordinated lady bits? Kelly Brook, that’s who. You would think that after a time that the public would get tired of seeing her bits and pieces… but when she has such a sweet beav, how can the world refuse? Besides, this is the best way to put herself back on the market after she dumped her bad-toothed Englishman sleezebag.

It’s about time for her to release a cascade of sex tapes in order to please the public. All of this teasing with her pretty pastel crotch is cute, but don’t give the media blue balls! Are you in it to win it, Kelly, or are you just going to start Lindsay Lohan-ing us until we get bored with you? (And just look at what happened to fire-crotch’s career: a SCRAM bracelet and countless hours of failed rehab time.)

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