Yes, we talked about her yesterday, but it was too much fun to stop. It should be embarassing though, but we’re perverted. After all, we shouldn’t let any U.S star who looks like the Australian endangered Hippo leave the country (Homeland Security should have confiscated her passport a long time ago)…but we’re liberal, so we don’t care much for the American Pride…and therefore, Kelly Clarkson continues to flatten each surface her mass occupies in Sydney with her steam-roller of an ass…

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3 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson continues to steam-roll her way through Sydney

  1. bob says:

    i would love to bang her whiles shes this fat i love big fat asses kelly has a donk backthere in needs my fat cock! also fat chicks do alot more in bed like like my balls please kelly email me!!

  2. Mikem says:

    I’d hit it.. You just can’t win in Hollywood. If you’re too skinny you’re skinned alive for it and if you’re overweight you get skinned alive.


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