Kelly Ripa, acting much like the shemalé that she is, was walking around NYC with some stiff morning wood-pokies. A glimpse of her tiny talk show nipples makes us forget how mind-bogglingly annoying that bitch is. Honest to God, you can’t say that if you were stuck in a room with a shotgun and Kelly Ripa, you wouldn’t pump its gun powdery load right into her face.

On the bright side, you can see the outline of her 32AA boobs. It might make you feel like you’re looking at a 12 year old boy, but it’s okay, roll with it. We won’t tell.

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One thought on “Kelly Ripa's Fierce Morning Pokies

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow… must be nice to be so perfect that you are entitled to sit in judgement of someone else. Especially someone you probably don’t even know personally. It’s one thing to dislike someone… it’s quite another to use such harsh and hateful words. I feel sorry for you that the best thing you have to do all day is put someone down this way.


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