What’s a silly tart (whose IQ is one point higher than that of orangutangs) to do when her centenarian sugar daddy gives her the boot? Roam around the clubs of each major city, shake your booty seductively and hope there’s a photographer there to capture the priceless moment. Here Kendra, doing her usual club thing in Miami this time and shaking her money maker in hopes there are other rich, half-blind, bed-wetting suitors looking to take her home and make her their pet.

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3 thoughts on “Kendra Wilkinson tries to stay relevant…sort of

  1. Hans Goodman says:

    How can you make fun of anyone’s intelligence while misspelling “orangutan” and referring to Hef as a “centurian?” Assuming you’re saying Hef is 100 years old, the word is “centenarian.” Or maybe you were trying to say that he’s a Roman soldier, in which case that’s spelled “Centurion.” Bravo.


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