Kim Kardashian has posed in a tiny bikini, proudly showing off her cellulite to the world, on the cover of Life & Style magazine. She has reportedly asked for the photos to be shown unphotoshopped and un-airbrushed.

She appeared on The View yesterday to discuss her move and why she felt it was important to take this stand, commenting: “You know what, I have cellulite. Who doesn’t? Who cares?”

The shoot is reportedly in response to the Complex magazine airbrushed/unairbrushed shots, which were leaked onto the internet last month.

Here are some great photos of Kim at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, April 27 and a bunch of Kim’s greatest booty hits.

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10 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian has a big fat ass and is proud of it

  1. Your Name says:

    she’s hot, she has a real body. she’s my new hero. i have cellulite and i’m only 18, and i’m a normal weight!! HEALTHY. NORMAL. yet everyone looks at me like i’m fat because i’m not a twig like every other girl my age.

    you go, girl!!

  2. Your Name says:

    While I absolutely loathe this faux-reality stars with more money than good sense, i have to hand it to the woman for showing the cellulite in a society where everyone is cocaine-thin.


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