Laguna Beach’s head bitch, we mean blonde, Kristin Cavallari hit up the Sin City of the East Coast for a party at DUSK night club at Caesar’s Casino.  Celebrity spinner DJ AM is the mastermind behind the club, but we think he’s wasting his time trying to make Atlantic City seem hip.   And Kristin isn’t helping with that terrible sequined potato sack of a dress.

The poor thing, Kristin’s dreams of becoming a legitimate actress just haven’t panned out (her latest flick, ‘Van Wilder: Freshman Year’ went straight to DVD) and now she’s on her way back to MTV’s cesspool of dead-behind-the-eyes reality starlets.  Filming just started up on the new season of ‘The Hills’ and it’s already being reported that Kristin’s back to her trouble-making ways.  “It’s been a lot of fun but there’s also been a few little fights here and there.” She said. “I think it’s pretty obvious that Audrina [Patridge] and I aren’t getting along.”

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