You know how you felt when you first watched that nightmarish clown in Stephen King’s IT? Well, that same feeling resurfaced (accompanied with a little bit of bile) as soon as we caught a glimpse of Lady Gaga’s unmasked photos. Never thought we’d say that to a woman, but please, put some make-up on…a lot of make-up…here’s the bucket, go to town on it..

Lady Gaga was taking a break from her tour in Hawaii when she was spotted passionately making out with her nerdy boyfriend called Speedy (they met during the filming of her video for the singleĀ LoveGame) on the black pebbles of the beach…and this is when we got the intense desire to get stoned (not with rocks) in hope the daze would erase the nightmare…

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80 thoughts on “Lady Gaga with no make-up makes us want to gag-gag

  1. Annemarie, says:

    hey too all, guys listen yeah shes quite pretty with or without it on ?
    shes probs got a hungover,
    see her bf ewr :O
    i could gagagagagagagga overhim -.-

  2. zach says:

    i dont think this is her cuz she dont a a saggy neck and this pictur it duz i dont beliave non of tat stupid shit i like her musicwho cares wut she looks like

  3. HANNAHANNAH :) says:

    ok , so shes not wearing make-up but so ?
    she looks pretty with or without make-up
    so u people should go get a life and like her music not how she looks :)

  4. Misa says:

    I think she looks normal, normal is ugly? Guess so, got to have your face painted up heavily with make up and be crack head skinny to be attract now a days… What a shame..

  5. losershate says:

    W3LL 4LL YHuu GuYSZ R DuM B3C4uS3 YHuu R SiITIN H3R3 M4KiiN FUN 0F H3R W3N SH3 Dee 1 D0iiN H3R THiiNG N M4KiiN H3LL4 M0N3Y N YHuu GUySZ SiiT H3R3 N H4T3.. H4H4HH4H4H
    FUNNY 4SS P30PL3

  6. Luciano says:

    You’re too mean to her. She’s just average looking, like most people, she’s neither ugly nor beautiful, which is no surprise knowing that makeup artists can turn a frog into a prince(ss) in no time these days. I’ve seen worse.

  7. Reicheru says:

    Have none of you got better things to do than slag her off just because she’s wearing no make-up. So what if she isn’t? If you like her music then why does it matter what she looks like? Keep your pathetic little comments to yourself and look in the mirror yourself for a change

  8. Bryan says:

    you guys are fucking mean.. a few ugly photos.. and suddenly shes ugly?? im sure most of you have no room to talk. so how about a nice cup of.. shut the fuck up

  9. Lauren says:

    I think people are dumb. ok seriously take makeup off of MOST girls … we all look like crap.. hense why we wear makeup in the first place… and why are people so emotional about this! lol get a grip on reality ok

  10. rosie says:

    honestly, i don’t see anything wrong with her without make-up. i can’t see what the hype is about. is it wrong that someone famous looks normal? it kinda reminds us that we are all the same thing: humans.

  11. kati says:

    that actually isnt lady gaga if u wana see her wivout makeup then watch her bad romance scene and pause at the crying scene…. this pic isnt skinny enough to be lady gaga

  12. kimi says:

    oh~ this is nt her, dumb !! th nose, th shape, blahblah is nt even th features of her ~~ wth, who’s out there trying to start the gaga rumour… lol !!

  13. Karley says:

    i dont think what she looks like matters at all. she is a person. yeah she may have her bad mopments but so does everyone else. who says your girl doesn’t look like ur uncle without makeup. she has personality and potential and she is proud of it. i would do her SIDEWAYS with or without makeup… and im a straight girl.

  14. Karly says:

    i dont think what she looks like matters at all. she is a person. yeah she may have her bad mopments but so does everyone else. who says your girl doesn’t look like ur uncle without makeup. she has personality and potential and she is proud of it. i would do her SIDEWAYS with or without makeup… and im a straight girl.

  15. whateverrr says:

    she is like one of the most ugliest but supposivley “one who everone likes” celebrities with out make up. and lady gaga as like 10 pounds of make up on her face. its discusting. people only like her because of her “weirdness” when really all the stupid people need to realize its all hollywood. ok. none of it’s real.

  16. Amy says:

    Ok she be honest people when do we ever look as good with make up as without ? I think all this negativity that is directed towards her is just losers who have nothing to do but trash other people cause their lives suck. Its total jelously. Another thing is that whole “tranny/hermafrodite” thing has got to stop honesty. She is a woman read her bio look her up on google, or you tube. Her real name is Stephanie Germenatta. She is a beautiful talented young italian woman from NYC. I think people who open their mouths before knowing the facts are the ones who really need to look at themselves and see whats wrong with them. I know that this may not change some peoples view of her but If you cant say something nice … dont say nothing at all ( cause really …no one wants to hear it )

  17. lo says:

    ew fucking rude asses why the fuck are people so into putting others down. she can’t change her facial structure stop giving people shit for being born the way they were. I swear humanity is a piece of shit

  18. jaxx says:

    i dont think shes as pretty as she is with makeup on but then again who really looks like a dime with no makeup on? pretty much every girl has to have SOME type of makeup on in order to get the ‘right’ look. im betting all of you girls who are on here hating on her look just like this. you hop up out the beeedddd….put cha face ooonnnn…..

    • cheddargurl says:

      I don’t look like that without make-up, then again I’m much younger than her. She’s not hideous, she’s just an average looking lady.

  19. G says:

    Absolute crap. Even though I have no interest in Lady Gaga’s music (came here to see what she looked like without makeup) I think she’s quite attractive….you guys enlarged a natural-looking photo of her (its fucking pixelated) and you called her ugly…I’m not one to stand up for celebrities, but you’re full of shit in calling her unnactractive.

  20. Lauren says:

    I wish i could say something good about this picture but I can’t, she’s not a GORGEOUS girl, but she’s not as ugly as she is in this photo. At least I hope she isn’t. When she first started out she was extremely pretty, I wonder what happened :/

  21. GAGAFAN says:

    THIS IS NOT LADY GAGA. THIS IS EITHER PHOTOSHOPPED OR SOMEONE ELSE> IT HAS BEEN PROVED. Lady Gaga without make up : search for you and I photoshoot.

  22. 123 says:

    1) Who wears makeup to the beach? seriously. 2) She can be as ugly as she wants to be. The fact is, she is more talented and more rich then anyone working at this pathetic website which I had the misfortune of stumbling upon and anyone with nerve enough to leave a negative comment about her looks. 3) What do YOU look like??


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