LeAnn Rimes is at her whorish, man-stealing ways again. Even though she just bought a husband only a few months back, she is obviously getting tired of having to S his D. Look at that tramp! Displaying her hot(?) abdominal muscles like that. Don’t try to fool us by covering up with a hoodie, LeAnn. We know you’re nothing but a dirty slut. With an abnormally squinty face. Don’t act Asian if you’re not Asian.

Summertime and celebrities in bikinis would be much more appreciated if they didn’t take the time out of their busy schedules during the normal work year to go to tropical paradises and piss on us, rubbing in our faces that we’re stuck in a dead end job and updating celebrity blogs for crack money.

F U LeAnn Rimes.

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One thought on “LeAnn Rimes Tries to Steal More Men


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