She was horny and in lesbian limbo. He was horny and did not want to pay the 50 bucks for a prostitute to work out the knots in his penis. Yes, it was crabs at first sight for Lindsay Lohan and serial cheater Balthazar Getty.  

The two were spotted sneaking into the back door of WeHo nightclub, Voyeur and soon the slime fest was in full swing. Even though he’s still married and she’s still pining for a debatable vagina, that didn’t stop them from rubbing onto each other with the force of a brillo pad on a tough stain right out in the open, infront of everyone.

Thirty minutes later, they left the club eager to continue the rat mating on a more comfortable surface (Lilo’s brittle bones don’t fare well on a chair).

For those of you who don’t know much about Balthazar Getty (actor and oil heir) he’s the one who seemed to have his hands pemanently stuck on Sienna Miller’s boobs last summer (see pic. Note: Sienna was topless throughout 99.99% of the affair so all photos of them are pretty much identical to this one).

Last July it was reported that Getty’s wife, Rosetta, was “humiliated” by her husband’s affair with Sienna. However, Balthazar and Rosetta never divorced. She left the country and took her children with her, and the marriage remains in limbo.


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