As I told you yesterday, all was not well on the LiLo front; why? Because, her ‘much-awaited’ (Pah!) Playboy cover had been leaked on the net. But now, the entire Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot has been leaked… and we’ve got the pics!!!

Now, understandably, Heff is pissed, and has decided to up the release of the Lohan edition ahead of schedule. But… um… why would anybody want to see it? Especially now, when I’m about to show you the whole shoot?

TMZ reported that Playboy execs are ‘freaking out’, but not Lohan. LiLo is livin’ it up on the shores of Hawaii after being given permission to take the vacay by the courts. Smoking and laughing with a friend as she watched a surfing competition, Lindsay either didn’t know about the leaked photos, or simply didn’t give a shit… I’m betting on the latter.

Since I’m sure that you probably didn’t click on this page just to hear me talk, check out the Playboy pics below; and tell me something… Is it just me, or do her nipples have, like, no color?

15 thoughts on “See Lindsay Lohan’s ENTIRE Playboy Spread Here!!!

  1. Rocky says:

    She looks absolutely strung out in all the fresh look to THIS face at all…and Playboy pushes the fact that the women in their pictorials are all fresh faced girl next door types of faces..what?? this is the girl next door?? I think she looks like the druggie next door, frankly.


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