Starring: Boobs-and-bones Lindsay Lohan

Photographer:Hedi Slimane

Message: Smoking makes you look cool, but putting your emaciated body out on display so that kids can get the chance to learn all about the human vertebrae and our 300 bones from a live model instead of a plastic skeleton is way cooler.

Sub-message: i still have my really long hair and my boobs (although they are starting to hang like grapes from a grapevine) so i think i’m still sexy(and to convince you here’s my beautiful nipple, you can all take a look).

And for those who haven’t had enough, here’s a few more pictures of Lindsay at the Mercedez-Benz party hoping her ruched white dress would create the illusion of an ass…it didn’t.

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3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s new “smoking,starving and topless hag” campaign

  1. tony says:

    she looks like that because of the new diet she’s on. nothing but tuna. she really needs a big chunk of meat and plenty of protein. and then in no time she wouldn’t look like a bag of bones.


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