Seeing Lindsay Vonn not in skiing attire is kind of like seeing your 3rd grade teacher at the mall – completely unnatural and sweat-inducing. In our head, both Lindsay Vonn and the 3rd grade teacher aren’t real people. So to see them acting normally makes our world collapse into oblivion. No matter what she is doing or what city she is in, Lindsay should be fully clothed in ski gear to make us more comfortable. Los Angeles? Parka, helmet, gloves, ski boots. Mexico City? Parka, helmet, gloves, ski boots.

Lindsay Vonn was the first American woman to win the gold medal in her sport, so yay for her, but all of this post-Olympic press coverage is starting to get tiresome. Unless a “Sean White, Lindsay Vonn, Carrot Top threesome” sex tape video surfaces, we’re completely over it. These Olympians needs to get back to training every day and avoiding muffins like the plague.

So enjoy your little shopping reward Lindsay – you’ll be back in the weight room in a week.

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