Love and Relationships: Does it Really Need Hard Work?

When we are in a relationship, we go through a lot of ups and downs. It has never been perfect yet we’re still trying to take everything in just to be with our significant others because we want to feel how to love and to be loved regardless of those circumstances.

As people say, starting a relationship is a lot easier than making it last. When we start being into a relationship, all of those trembling feelings are present. But are those feelings will last? Or it’s just there temporarily. As a domino effect, when we don’t feel love for someone anymore, we will no longer want to stay.

Starting and being in a relationship with someone is easy but staying long in a relationship and keeping the love sparkling is difficult. So, how are we going to take our relationship and maintain our feelings to someone forever? Does forever really exist? Does it really need hard work?

A good relationship takes hard work. Hard work in the sense that not just you but the both of you must take an effort, understanding, accepting each other’s differences, committed listening, being honest even in the face of fears, permitting to be not in control, overcoming conflicts, practicing vulnerability and concentrating on yourself rather than minding to change your spouse. But sometimes, the needed effort is frequently boundless and the task can be intimidating, leading the most couple to conclude that it is not worthy or simply they don’t have the determinations to work on forever to these efforts.

Keeping a relationship over years is not for the feeble heart. You cannot just dial it in or be lazy about it. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun, life-affirming, joyful and sexually satisfying- but the tradeoff is that it takes a lot of work. You have to sustain that work for years, and even for decades.

Think about your partner first. It is really a hard work to think about and what’s going on to your partner, but it pays off. Know what you are saying. You might say something really awful that might hurt your partner. Compliment your partner regularly. Tell your partner that she/he looks good or he/she had done better. Keep the communication constantly alive and meaningful. Express each other’s thoughts and feelings in order to maintain the open relationship between the both of you. When there are times that you fight, work for it. Face those struggles calmly. It is the struggles that both of you worked out that brings your relationship closer and nearer together. It is overcoming adversity and communication that makes the relationship more long-lasting, deeper and stronger. And yes, to keep the love and relationship last, hard work must be there.

The risk when hard work doesn’t exist in a relationship is that the other person doesn’t mean anything to you but obviously, all bets are nothing if you’re being abused in a relationship. Make sure that the one that you’re working for is worth it. For that point, you need to focus on yourself. But if you’re in a healthy relationship, make sure you support the person you love and feel free to feel the sweat as you work hard for your relationship.

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