A recently unearthed video purports to show Marilyn Monroe smoking marijuana with at least one other person. The mute home video was filmed 50 years ago, and it shows Monroe sitting on a couch with what looks to be a large joint in her hand. The film then cuts to her, another person on the couch and someone sitting in front of Monroe. The person sitting next to Monroe passes her the alleged joint from which she takes a puff.

The reel-to-reel silent, colour film taken at a private home in New Jersey was recently purchased by collector Keya Morgan for $275,000 (£180,000) from the person who took the film, who has asked to remain anonymous.

The copyright of the image will be put up for sale on eBay later this week, Morgan said.

The actress appears happy and relaxed at a small gathering of friends that Morgan dates to 1958 or 1959, based on her appearance.

‘This is the late Fifties so she is already very famous, but this is a personal side of her we’ve never seen before. People have never seen her in such a relaxed pose,’ Morgan said.

At one point she is passed a cigarette and takes a puff but does not appear to inhale deeply. Later she appears to take a sniff of her own armpit and laughs about it.

The person who made the film confirmed that the cigarette contained marijuana, saying: ‘I got it (the pot). It was mine. It was just passed around.

‘It was not a party. It was just a get-together. You know, come over and hang out.’


4 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe smoking marihuana in home movie (with video)

  1. Celtic says:

    I have seen pot get girls into bed with other girls before and it sure looks as if that early Rosie O’donnell looker has her eyes of the prize. Damn you lesbian nation! Damn you!!! Hahaha!


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