I better be careful what I say about Megan Fox, she could cut me to shreds with that Darfur poster child pelvic bone. Or kick me in the face with her toe thumbs. Anyways Megan Fox can be seen here flaunting her physique in a tiny black bikini during a Hawaiian beach vacation with her husband Brian Austin Green, who incidentally wasn’t wearing a tiny black bikini.

Megan is one of those girls that just looks better with tight fitting cloths.  Not that I wouldn’t want her naked and spread eagle on my bed… it’s just that she don’t look half as good in a bikini as so many other hot women do. And those tattoos aren’t helping either, she’s beginning to look like De Niro in Cape Fear. Seriously, is that the US Declaratio­n of Independen­ce she has tattooed on her side there?

Anyways not bad Megan, not bad at all. But I’d rather see you out of a bikini and with a good deal less of that prison ink.

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