When a certain undergarment emporium known as Victoria’s Secret wanted to put a little oomph into its annual Christmas TV advertising (because nothing says Christmas like supermodels in lingerie), it knew exactly where to look: in the ADHD-addled brain of Michael Bay, whose junior-high-school-level enthusiasm for scantily clad hot chicks is legendary, as is his love for explosions and cool helicopters and shit, like he so aptly displayed in his 2009 Christmas commercial for Victoria’s Secret. In this years ad however there were no cool explosions to be seen… apart form the one in our pants! However we are willing to forgive him if he responds to our plea below…

Dear Michael Bay, on behalf of the straight male population of the world, we at The Daily Fix request you make a 3 hour version of this instead of another crappy Transformers movie. Thank you.

Naturally you will want to compare it to the 2009 version, so here it is:

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