According to RadarOnline.com, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee had a short term affair with Pink’s then estranged husband, motocross racer Carey Hart. Translation: He fearlessly dived  into her dumpster fire like a tattooed Evel Knievel and when he emerged miraculously unscathed she rewarded him by reciting poetry from Mein Kampf. And then told him he had to go because she had to “work” with a dude on her couch in front of the laptop before her kids woke up and wanted breakfast. All very romantic, really.

According to Michelle’s ex-husband Shane Modica, the two met at the ASR convention in San Diego back in September 2008, when Hart and Pink were separated, and Carey even went many times to watch McGee dance at the strip club she works at!

“I knew about her fling with Carey Hart, Michelle told me that she had slept with him,” tells Modica. “She flew out to Las Vegas to see him but she was upset that they never got to spend as much time together as she expected too.”

But it soon came to an end, says Shane: “One of her female friends was friendly with Carey also and Michelle got angry that things did not pan out as they expected.”

“It is so typical of Michelle because she always goes for the guy who she thinks has the deepest pockets. It’s horrible because she sleeps with anybody who she believes can help her out,” he explains.

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