Lets put a 1967 Mustang body on a 2012 Mustang and then add a whole bunch of Windows tablets, an X-Box 360, multiple X-Box 360 Kinect sensors, crazy lights and a Windows phone to control it all…What do you end up with?  “Project Detroit.”

The people at Microsoft and the people at West Coast Customs decided to build a car.  Even though it’s a 2012 Mustang GT,  I don’t think speed is what this car is all about.  The finished product looks like it came straight out of a TRON sequel.

The Good:  Putting a 1967 Mustang body on a 2012 Mustang GT,  then giving it matte black finish is pretty awesome by itself.

The Bad:  Alpine Blue lights in the grille are pretty cool, but putting them in the wheels and under body gives the car a tacky West Coast Customs feel…Oh wait,  at least they refrained from adding a bar-b-que to the roof of the car complete with condiment trays or a tropical fish tank built into the rims…because that’s not tacky.

The Ridiculous:  The gauges are all touch screen and a Windows Tablet is fitted into the passenger side of the dashboard.  With the tablet, one could do all the important things in life like check your emails, update your Facebook status, and send messages to people riding your tail by way of a display in the rear window. (That feature is ridiculously cool because now I can flip you off without putting my arm outside!)  You can also remote start your car, unlock it, or locate it with your Windows phone, but this isn’t anything new.  All of this high tech ridiculousness is connected with X-box Kinect sensors,  that are embedded through out the vehicle.

Yeah, you had me at 1967 Mustang Fastback Replica body…



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