NEW Miley Cyrus naked pictures have hit the Internet thanks to some clever sleuthing by those philanthropists at 4chan. Apparently Miley’s purse was stolen last week and this treasure of a naked photo was hiding on her cell phone. Allegedly, Miley Cyrus took the pictures in her hotel room while she was in Madrid, Spain for the MTV EMAs a few weeks ago, when she was 17 years old by the way!

Now we do say ALLEGEDLY because 4chan did go to the trouble of doing a very complex diagram (Full size can be seen here) to prove that the photo is actually of Miley, and if 4chan loves something it’s perpetrating a new scandal and trolling people like the troll pros they are, so this picture could very well be one of their awesome hoaxes. Just so you know.

Now that that warning is out of the way it has to be said the evidence they do put forward seems very believable and obviously Miley is known for a nude photo scandal before.

We can just see the guy responsable for creating that epic fact finding diagram sitting in his mom’s basement sipping on a Red Bull, then jumping from his seat after uploading the diagram online, and going all David Caruso from CSI Miami, saying this:

What we have here… (takes off sunglasses)… is the best of both worlds.


[The uncensored nude Miley picture is the 2nd one here below:]

UPDATE: Yep, as suspected it wasn’t Miley. Just some random slut who likes to play pretend games. Read more here.

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19 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus is Back to Taking Naked Cell Phone Pictures of Herself (Uncensored Picture Inside)

  1. no says:

    Ok, the first picture does not show a face and from the body it can’t be her. Look at the face and neck and you can tell its not her. The second picture you can tell the face was cut into the picture, and not very well. Its fake. The third one I suppose could be her but who cares. Its just her standing there clothed. Pretty normal picture. Plus look at all three sets of legs. Each person in each picture has different legs. Come on people. Think.

  2. preston bradley says:

    Ok….im sure miley cyrus is of agenow so who gives a fuck….miley if ur seeing this ur awesome keep doing u ur beautifull and sexy theworld cant hold u…just make sure u dnt become lindsey lohan …pleeeze….i trust that much


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