Another day, another raunchy, NSFW Miranda Kerr editorial. Because everyone knows just being topless on top of a couch doesn’t cut the mustard these days. But topless and making out with nuns? Priceless! (Disclaimer: Only for you people that don’t mind burning in the pits of hell while an angry nun whips your back till it bleeds – and laughs hysterically while doing so and then yells “Shoulda been more careful in math class, James!! Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa!!!”)

The photoshoot was for the latest issue of French magazine (of course) Numero, it’s titled Bad Education and it features a topless Miranda smoking ciggies in the girls’ toilets, swinging a baseball bat while wearing a nun’s habit and donning dominatrix underwear in the school gym.

Which is exactly how we remember school. Except that’s probably a wet dream because WE went to an old boy’s school. Which is why we’re sending our parents to an old folks home when they turn 50 and start wetting themselves.

Jokes aside folks, this is blasphemy. No, seriously. It’s taking things too far. You should all say a thousand Hail Marys for penance after viewing this set. SINNERS!!

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