After watching Rihanna strapped in an X-shaped rigging with her legs spread at last night’s AMAs singing “I pitch with a grenade” it’s hard not to think that Chris Brown going pitbull on her did not become the main source of her personal and musical transformation. These pictures from her Rated R album are further proof that nowadays guns and sadomasochism is more her thing than just letting someone under her umbrella. And if those loose bunnies (which keep popping up in every pic) don’t scream “strong independent woman who can overcome anything” then we don’t know what does.

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3 thoughts on “More Rihanna Rated R album and promo pics

  1. Your Name says:

    Rhianna is a damn fool! i think dat chris brown had thee right 2 knock her ass out. she lucky he aint brother cause i would hav beat her ass. everyone is getting mad at him, but i feel that no one knws the true story of wat was going on.


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