Oh look, another Hollywood starlet with nude pictures leaked onto the net, that’s twice today, must be my birthday. You’ll probably know Kat Dennings best from movies such as “The House Bunny” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, in both of which she pretty much played a very pale weird chick. But on the 87% off chance you have no clue who she is then at least you do know and she’s on your radar. Mission complete for Kat and her agent. Then again if these pictures indicate anything it is that Kat Dennings doesn’t give a f*ck if you knew her or not, or if you see her big titties.

Massive beautiful breasts aside, I can’t get enough of that sweet Casio keyboard in the chimney! Santa is gonna be double-pumped to hit the Dennings’ household.

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3 thoughts on “Naked Photos Leaked of Kat Dennings

  1. vic says:

    I thought she was hot in the 40 yr old virgin. And also in Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist, i never though I would ever see her amazing assest. but now I have and I am so happy she decided to show them. Now all she needs to do is do a photo shoot with playboy or someone so we can get a better look at them.


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