Natalie Portman shows some skin in the new film, ‘Black Swan,’ and she’s taking it off for art again. In what is a very odd little video she start in a formal dress and gloves and slowly strips down to just a silk shirt and a garter belt in this video for The New York Times Magazine.

The video is one of 14 different speech-less, classical musical-scored, Solve Sundsbo-directed minifilms, appropriately titled ’14 Actors Acting,’ that the magazine included as a digital component to its ‘Hollywood Issue.’ Also included: James Franco, kissing himself; Jesse Eisenberg, firing a gun; and Matt Damon, screaming in anger.

As for the Natalie video a huge MEH is in order. There isn’t a damn sexy moment in it, a video which could, and SHOULD have been so, so much more. I mean seriously, a garter belt… yet our pants remain untightened. Not good enough!

Check out all the videos here

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