NEW YORK (CBS) Rapper Nicki Minaj is usually known for battling MCs on the mic with salacious flows, but now the Queens, N.Y., hip hop star is in the hot seat for more than just suggestive rhymes.

The 25-year-old emcee is the latest star caught up in sex tape rumors.

Urban gossip blog has purportedly seen graphic and explicit video of a woman who they say looks surprisingly like Nicki.

Minaj is well known on mainstream radio for her tune “Knockout” with fellow rapper Lil’ Wayne. Thetwo are label mates on his Young Money/Motown imprint.

Celebrity Circuit hasn’t seen the tape, so we’re not going to speculate on who might be in it, but Minaj has lots to say about being a sex symbol.

“I don’t know where I fit in the spectrum of rap yet … people thought I was more of a sex symbol or wannabe sex symbol,” she told Fader Magazine back in February, adding “I’m trying to entertain, and entertaining is more than exuding sex appeal. I don’t think that’s fun. I don’t find it fun watching someone trying to be sexy. It’s wack.”

Like it or not, there’s a good chance many more eyes will be watching Nicki in the days ahead.

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4 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Sextape Video Rumor Rocks Lil' Wayne Protegee

  1. Shaz says:

    Nicki minaj is a rapper that blew up quick just like a lot of things in American but don’t last for long if they aren’t on the right path. She is a lesbian & if she want’s to do any man that’s how the business works. it’s all about give and take. They all trying to reach the top for the number 1 spot and the more money they make the more crazy they get. (unless they have their head on st8. Nicki is a mixed female who is trying to look like a barbie,lil kim,wonder women etc…be creative. Do the rap with the classy lady attitude. That’s whats wrong in America. These young females trying to immulate these rapper’s & don’t realize that this world is curupt as is. You got too much attitude, too much sex, too much name calling. why can’t a rapper be like a positive influence instead of a sexual, wanna be attitude making money off of ppl who are coping their styles which in reality is sending mix messages to our youth.

    why can’t a women show off her skills without showing off skin, without cursing, without the sex?

    what sign is she showing the young females?
    what type of world have we become?

    Change your style lady! be classy and not trashy..all the boys want is one thing from know it and that’s not the attention you should be sending these young females. Your mother or father (whomever is oriental) i’m sure inst proud of your outcome!


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