No Sweat Ways To Sweat: Easy Exercises You Can Do Anytime

Office-exerciseLosing weight and living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of effort to accomplish. But being busy should not stand in the way between you and a healthy body. So no matter how cramped your schedule is, there’s always a way to exercise even while doing the most mundane activity of the day.
We listed down some basic exercises that you can follow to be able to flex those muscles even you don’t have the luxury of time to exercise.

Commute and workout at the same time

Most people commute to work every morning and spend a good amount of time sitting on a train or driving a car, which, to be honest, doesn’t really help move core muscles at all. So experts advice is to turn commuting into a workout. There are various ways to do that including riding your bike to work. It’ll take you longer time to reach work but it will burn more calories in your body in a faster way. Instead of nourishing your fats while sitting on the train, why not work your ass off and ride that bike. It’ll definitely help you lose weight and it can be beneficial to your heart, too.

But if you’d like to start with baby steps, you can choose to start small by jogging to the parking lot where you parked your car. But the trick is, park it a few more blocks than usual. It’ll give you a bit more distance to jog.

Stuck in the office? Work on those arms

If you have an 8:00 to 5:00 job, it is difficult to squeeze in an exercise routine. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remember what exercises you need to do for that week. Working with your arms on a workweek is a good idea. You can work on your arm circles even while just sitting. During breaks, there’s no policy against planking on an empty bench. There are a lot more possibilities only if you put your mind into it.

Re-think your office sitting arrangement

There are offices that expressed concern about the health of their employees and thus they do now allow the use of unique sitting plan that works for their employee. One good example is the exercise ball. Instead of sitting on a chair, you cant try balancing on an exercise ball. This will help you exercise your core while nailing that deal on your desk. Win win!

Or if you’re not a fan of the ball, you can opt for a stand-up table, which means the table is high enough for you to work even when you’re standing. Some modify it by using a treadmill. Whatever floats your boat, as long as your company is cool with it.

Being busy is not an excuse to ditch your exercise plans. Besides, living a sedentary life will not only make you fat, it has its health risks, too. So start moving that body and try these simple tips to get you started on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

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