TGIFATGOIS! (Thank God It’s Friday And Thank God Olivia Is Single) I am positive that will catch on. But, today is an exciting day! According to the New York Post, Olivia Munn has ended it with her hockey playing boyfriend Brad Richards. The New York Post reports the following…

“She ended it with him,” a source tells Us Weekly. “She had to. It’s not really complicated. She just realized she liked him as a friend and nothing more.

Munn and Richards were first spotted together in November, dining at Spasso in the West Village. Though they only recently began dating, the Rangers had already come to think of the “Parks and Recreation” actress as a good luck charm after a winning streak. Following a win over the Islanders on Dec. 26, a source told Page Six, “Fans in the crowd kept high-fiving her after the win, and thanking her.”

Munn and Richards had spent Christmas Eve together, cuddling up during a double date at restaurant Smith & Mills. A source told us, “Brad was very attentive to Olivia helping put on her coat and holding her hand as they left.”

That poor guy. He goes from dating Olivia Freaking Munn and being a hockey player…to just being a hockey player. How lame is that? And, to make matters worse she thought of him as just a “friend.” Ouch. I guess his stick just couldn’t do the trick. His puck just never could make it in her net, you know?

Olivia Munn deserves better than some hockey player. She needs a real man! Like a celebrity gossip blogger, it takes a real man to do this job. It might not seem like a dangerous job, but it is! I could be headed for early arthritis with all of this typing, but I still do it. And, sometimes if I leave my laptop on my leg long enough it starts to get really hot and burns me.

I am just saying that this is a very dangerous job. One time I got tangled up in all of the computer cords! I wasn’t able to put any weight on my ankle for a good 5-10 minutes.

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