Pamela Anderson In Yellow bikini at the beach in Malibu-123

Here’s Pamela Anderson acting her age (42 going on 17 if the 17-year old had debatable morals and liked visiting boys’ bathrooms inbetween class breaks) at the Malibu beach and trying to lure her fella with something he hasn’t already seen for the millionth time. And while she was stretching and performing various yoga poses to get his attention, we were working hard at figuring out why her boobs looked like an oil spill in that yellow bikini…which ended in us concluding that either that bikini is about two decades old (before Pammi knew how fun silicone bags can be) or that she’s gradually warming up to the idea of forgoing fabric for glued-on pasties.

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3 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson forgets the size of her knockers


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