We all know Pamela Anderson would drop any catwalk show before anyone even managed to say “nipple showing” as soon as her radar picked up a distressed call from a chipmunk fighting with a squarel over a juicy nut. So it’s no surprise she immediately packed her false brows and eyelashes, black eye soot and sheer nipple-pokie-proof dress and run to encourage others to dream about the animal revolution at the Animal Rights Foundation 20th Anniversary Gala in Fort Lauderdale.

Now, if we didn’t know better (i.e that her eggs have been consumed sunny side up a long time ago), we’d start wondering about the little belly Pam was sporting at this nutty event. But since conception is an impossibility we’ll just venture to say it’s bloating from the beef steak she had in her hotel room before she got there.

One thought on “Pamela Anderson hopes to save the bunnies and the lettuce they munch on


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