Never ruining a chance to arouse or disgust us (or both in some cases), Pamela Anderson wore a material to an event last night that made quite the impression. … since her nipples were probably poking out some eyes. (But oh how happy those eyes were!) When Pamela stood under the bright red carpet lights, her sweater puppies stood at attention and the rest of the world forgot the retarded energy drink she was supposed to support(?). Her lack of support was much too distracting.

Even though she is 90% gross anymore, she is still the type of hot that you’d want to bang… but would make leave before your roommates could harass you for banging such a cave-dwelling vagine monster. It’s understandable. Not every lay deserves going out the front door. Sometimes you need to cover them with a paper back and send them out the window. Everybody does it… especially to Pamela “look at my nips!” Anderson.

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One thought on “Pamela's Shining, See Through Nips

  1. For Fucks Sake says:

    Why the fuck does anyone still look at this creature. Does anyone remember that she was diagnosed with HEPATITIS, and HERPIES. Fuck, im suprised they havent shut down the beaches she was doing Baywatch at, Oh, wait…BP already shut those down…HAHACHACHA


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