Ever so classy Paris Hilton was booted off Elton John’s luxury yacht – for attempting to give Doug Reinhardt “oral maintenance” in the boat’s toilet cabin (we’re betting Doug was pulling double-duty as the receiver and camera man).

She and Doug had to walk the walk of shame off the boat after Elton John’s hubby David Furnish caught them in the act at Cannes.  A source of british tabloid The Mirror, said: “David met Paris at the Hotel du Cap and invited her to a party on his friend’s yacht.

“As soon as Paris arrived she had her tongue down Doug’s throat. Everyone kept saying how inappropriate they were being but Paris didn’t care who was looking.

“They got so worked up she dragged Doug below deck so they could have some private time.

“But as they were closing the cubicle door so they could tear into each other, they were caught out.

“David spotted them and the captain was furious. He kicked them off for unsociable behaviour.

“Everyone congratulated the captain.”

Ok, so anybody know what the sex tape release date is? It can’t be that far off the horizon because these two are working like maniacs to put in the finishing touches…

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8 thoughts on “Paris Hilton kicked off Elton John's boat for toilet sex

  1. Gman says:

    As if no wierd kinky sex goes on on a boat owned by the renowned fag, Elton John and his rump ranger “wife”, David the catcher, Furnish!! These two fags were probably offended by normal sex between a man and a woman instead of the sodomite shennigans that no doubt go on daily on that floating peanut pumping station!!!! As screwed up as Paris Hilton may be, at least she understands that sex is supposed to be with someone of the OPPOSITE sex!!!! The Gman does not like faggotry!!!@#@#@!!!

  2. mike says:

    This is funny shit. Paris is not so perfect afterall and again. What a stupid dumb bitch. I cant believe that something like this is walking on my earth and breathing my air. And I say I as in for all of us not just myself. Paris needs to get a life and a job. Ohhh she does, a blow job. Hopefully one of these days she will catch aids and end all of our missery.

  3. a567and8 says:

    You anti-gay jerk-offs should get a yacht! Don’t you wish you had a yacht like “the fag” has??? Can’t stand it can ya boys! Hahahahahahaha! He and David are laughing all the way to the bank. And I bet they get more dick than you get — whatever you call what you do to women!


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