Some people should never have kids…ever.  I sometimes wonder why God creates stupid people and I can only come up with the notion that he wants to give the not so stupid, a reason to shake their heads.  That being said,  here a just a few photos of some amazing parents.

Meet Dad and his daughter “Buffy” aka, “Buffer”… Maybe little Buffer is an excellent swimmer?


Team Edward…ALL…THE…WAY!!!  “Edward can play in my bat cave anyday.”   If a man of her age were to take a similar photo on Team Bella, we’d think twice about letting that guy watch our kids.


It the part of the photo that doesn’t have body hair, he doesn’t look so creepy.  However, the hair, the gummy grin and suddenly it looks as though he is excited for his baby to arrive…so he can eat it.


Add Me.  Nothing brings an age gap closer together than Rock & Roll.  He is purely here on MySpace to network and by network, I mean find chicks.  And by chicks,  I mean anyone who will give him some.  And by anyone who will give him some, I mean his right hand.  I can’t get over how seductive his eyes are.


What can I say?  I just hope that child is alive.


What is this?  Some kind of traveling circus strip show?  The creepy van, the stuffed animal tail, the asian guy with his iPod…everything about this photo just screams…”Wake me up!!!”


What is the baby chewing on?  Scented Body Lotion?  Back that thang up mom…Back that thang up real good!


Look, she took the time to photoshop herself some blue flower nipples…why not crop your kid out?  Call me.


Looks as though this kid really enjoys the meaning behind this hand gesture. Two in the pink and one in the stink…now that was one detailed birds and the bees discussion.


What the hell is wrong with this woman?…clearly the sign says “No Smoking Within 25 feet Of The Building”




“He is so cute when he sleeps.”  At first glance she may look like an irresponsible parent but her kid is actually the DD…so let’s cut her some slack.


This one really chaps my hyde.  I do like the chain around the kids neck…matches his outfit.


Justin Bieber’s biological father?


Makes me wonder if he even put the controller down when they were creating this baby…


At least he is spending time with his kid right?  Maybe mom took this photo because it’s the first time in months Dad wasn’t completely shitfaced by 5 p.m.  Go Dad!!


“Look my baby girl can get three cigarrettes in her mouth!”   Let’s tweet this shit to all my homies.


Either this little boy is yawning or extremely surprised that his sister can swallow like a champ. Most people don’t yawn with their eyes open, right?


“Thank God for glass windows so I can keep an eye on her from inside…not like that other place on 8th street.”   I’m just appalled he didn’t set the brakes.


She believes in Jesus.


His kid isn’t even going to be in this photo…look at the angle of his camera.  He’s clearly taking pictures of some Wonder-Tits.







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