Who would have thought that when Pink was holding a chain saw cutting down trees in angst over her ex-husband in one of her more recent videos, deep inside she was really yearning for the touch of a woman to heal her wounds (and help her put all those thoughts about cutting her ex’s penis with that chain saw aside).

So now that she’s back with her hubby motorcross champion Carey Hart, Pink felt it would do good to their marriage to reveal that she loves girls just as much…and with purity we might add.

She told News Of The World: “I’m not embarrassed about being bisexual. This is who I am. Love is pure and I try to keep it that way.

“This is who I am, what I feel. I think it’s unnecessary to draw the subject out, but I think it even more stupid not to discuss it. It seems as if bisexuality is a trend and I should whip up the masses. Well, I don’t believe in trends, I just believe in me.

“I would also be just as happy with a new woman. I’m not complicated, I sing about love in all its shapes, forms and colours.”

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