For those who didn’t know, Bryan Adams moonlights as a photographer which instantly qualifies him to be in a room with as much celebrity TAS as he wants without having to stalk, secretly videotape and subsequently share a cell with a guy named Assripper like the rest of us normal folks do. And for some unknown reason he chose “somewhere along the process i pissed out all the estrogen in my body” Pink to photograph for a Breast Cancer Charity event…which is as close to taking a picture of a penis with a pink ribbon on it as it gets…any by the way, doesn’t smoking promote Breast Cancer? Wait, that wouldn’t apply to people named “Blue” that later decided to change their name to “Pink”.

7 thoughts on “Pink goes topless for Bryan Adams

  1. f-n-h says:

    I think these are very tastefully done photos, and no smoking doesn’t necessarily promote breast cancer, but it certainly is in poor taste to have her smoking. What is it with the transgender issue with these posts? Is that the only way you can stop yourselves from beating off about such pictures long enough to transfer your own self-loathing onto others?


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