How Pokemon Go Is Changing The Lives Of Today’s Generation

pokemon-battel-iosPokemons are taking over the world, in both good and bad ways. Since the game was launched earlier this month, a lot have gotten addicted to it already to the point of changing their lifestyle just to play the game; skipping school, ditching work, crossing dangerous highways, you name it!

The nostalgia and adrenaline rush of actually hunting for the rare Pokemon is indeed exhilarating! Putting yourself in the shoes (or in this case, the screen) of the main character to chase and catch Pokemons for the sole purpose of “catching them all.”

But it has changed lives more than you can imagine and here’s what we know so far.

1. People started to love walking and running.

Yup, the game requires people to walk or move around and the character on the game will do the same. But recent reports say that after the game was released in Tokyo, Japanese teens put their smartphones atop a toy train to mimic movement. That’s actually pretty smart! But we suggest you try to walk and run instead, it’s good for your body.

2. Pokemon Go and Rhianna concert don’t go too well.

If you’re planning to watch a concert by the singer just make sure you have no intention of catching that rare Bulbasaur or Clefairy on stage since Rhianna doesn’t like sharing the stage with the virtual reality pets. So focus please when you’re in concerts and just play afterward.

3. Pets Have Superpowers

Ok, maybe not. But it is already trending in social media, where pets were photographed looking like they can see the pokemons on screen! Don’t believe it? You can try googling pets and pokemons. It’s really hard to believe but these perfectly timed photographs are worth wasting your time for if your lazy-ing around the office.

We’ll list more information as soon as we found out more about how Pokemons are changing our lives today. In the meantime, happy hunting!

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