Puppy Love Vs. True Love

25_24958_306421_923bbac52b2fcb1b0551cadf0518fe02_d87a84_301Puppy love and True love are two very different aspects under the roof of ‘Love’ We might find it difficult to determine which one is which, so we are going to be dissecting each one and determine the differences between the two.

Signs of puppy love:

• Sudden feeling of infatuation towards someone.

• Enumerating everything your crush does, from what he/she says and does not do, and just making comparisons to them and yourself that would make you both a lovely couple.

• Any negative things are recognized immediately but ignored.

• Your actions and thoughts are blinded by this person and a large portion of what you do centers around trying to impress them and getting their attention.

• You instantly want to know everything about that person. That includes their thoughts about you, which types of people they are interested in, including the vaguest details like their measurements, their level of kinkiness, and how quick you can get them to go to bed with you.

A friend once shared with me their experience of falling in the puppy love. They claim that they fell in the puppy love a lot growing up and in bursts. That resulted in her havingnew boyfriends every school year opening during high school. Imagine that.

But there was one particular guy that she really liked, and the feeling between them was mutual. The downside was he was very high on himself and can be easily manipulated. But despite that, this friend of mine still wanted to be with him. He was all she could ever think about. She thought about wanting to see if they were compatible or not.

She continued to hold interest after a few weeks after meeting this guy, And through all that, she was strongly thinking that she was ‘in love’. For me, I knew it was just puppy love for her.

But, in the end, they never happened, and I’m glad it didn’t.

If it did, I think they would have made the worst decision of their lives and will still eventually split.

Signs of real love

• The things you do are always a sentimental and memorable moment

• Mutual understanding and agreement show

• You want to do things not just for adoration from your significant other or crush, but generally for their well-being. (You become selfless).

• You realize that the word ‘love’ means a lot more thanjust being someone who can buy the best gifts and give the sweetest chocolates. It’s also the building of security, foundation, and trust.

• You forget the concept of flinging and playing around.

• You become a lot more serious about making them happy

• A part of yourself (literally) lives with your partner, the same way you also have a part of theirs

• You still want to do fun and kinky things with your significant other, but this time, it’s for love, literally, and not just plain pleasure, and you do it to please them, not yourself alone.

So, what conclusion do we get from this breakdown?

To simply put it, puppy love is for short term relationships like flings, one-night stands, and those people who have experienced the concept of love for the first time, only to end up rushing it too much.

Real Love the long term version and also the most important one. It’s when you can stand waking up to someone’s face every morning and feel really good about it.

We all undergo different stages in love. It’s important to also get to experience these stages in order for us to fully understand how love molds us into what we are today.

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