You like that little title? Red Hot…Red Carpet? You don’t get that kind of lameness anywhere else, folks! Anyway, I went through some of the pictures from the red carpet and picked out some of my favorites.

Miley Cyrus: You can always count on her to wear something slutty. You can see her in the pictures below, showing off her chest area.

Demi Lovato: What a nice, classy outfit she is wearing. It really brings out her eyes…okay I am just kidding. You can’t help but notice her breasts, it looks like she stuffed some throw pillows down her dress.

Vanessa Hudgens: Vanessa Hudgens always looks hot to me. She can do wrong, well except that time when she was doing Zac Efron, what was up with that?

Kaley Cuoco: I believe she hosted the show, so that means she probably changed a billion times. I hope the outfits progressively got better because I am not really digging the look.

Lea Michele: I’ve never been a big fan of her, but she looked good tonight. I think it is the seductive look she is giving the cameras. Plus her lips look like they taste like cotton candy…and I like cotton candy.

I’m sure I will find more pictures for the Spank Bank tomorrow, but for now enjoy this preview.

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