Relationship Advice: Is Letting Go Losing Hope in Love? 

In a relationship there comes a time when you have to give up and let go. But it does not mean you are losing hope in love at all. Varied experience inflicts different reasons of letting go of love. But one thing is sure; love is one of the most beautiful things the world has.

1. Letting go is not losing hope in love but is a point where you stop trying. It is to stop trying things to work out when it’s obvious it is never going to work out. You’ve to stop trying to reach out to people to make them love you. You simply realize you need to stop caring for others.

2. Letting go is not losing hope in love instead, it is being ready to stop fighting a losing battle. You now know that there are battles that you can’t win no matter how hard you fight. You now realized that uncertainties come whenever and wherever. No matter how strong your feelings for that person is, there exist a stronger one that would turn you apart, and you have no more power to defeat it.

3. Letting go is not losing hope in love, but it is being tired of always extending a hand. You are tired of always making things for other persons favor. You are sick of trying to make things work just to keep the person you love stuck by your side.

4. Letting go is not losing hope in love but deciding to carry the weight. You now know that you can let go. It now came to your mind that you can carry the burden of losing. You can handle the pain, and you can hope for a better tomorrow.

5. Letting go is not losing hope in love, it is learning that hanging on hurts more. You are now letting go because holding on means hurting both of you even more. You have come to know that while both of you keeps holding each other the more, you grow apart and ruin each other.

6. Letting go is not losing hope in love it is being ready to move on. You are now at the phase in your relationship that you are done hurting and inflicting pain on each other. You are tired of pursuing and crying all the time. And now by letting go you are ready to take a step to move on.

7. Letting go is not losing hope in love it is starting to enjoy yourself more. You are saving yourself from more pain and destruction. You are freeing yourself from the misery. You are giving yourself a chance for a new life. It is not chasing love anymore but letting love chase you.

8. Letting go is not losing hope in love, but you are hoping for more. You are hoping for something, someone better. You are hoping for a love that is finally worthy to hold on to forever.

9. Letting go is not losing hope in love but is learning that there are just people who come into your life to teach you a lesson. You now know that life teaches you in many indescribable ways. There is certainly no constant thing in this world; even people come and go. They only happen to teach us lessons that we can carry out with our lives.

10. Letting go is not losing hope in love it is realizing that the things you are afraid of are the things you have to do. Letting go is taking the risk of not having someone but yourself alone. It is finding no one but yourself. To loves no one else but yourself. It might be frightening, but you know you can do it.

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