I hope the following news isn’t true. I’d hate for Rihanna to go into rehab for a few months, how would we get hot pictures of her? I doubt they allow slutty outfits and cameras into rehab facilities.

A source told Star magazine the following…

“Katy begged Rihanna to take some time off and get therapy. Rihanna’s been running on empty. And rather than resting, she’s drinking and clubbing until the early hours of the morning. Rihanna’s been self-medicating with booze ever since her split [with Chris Brown], and it’s not getting better. She calls Katy in tears, saying how down she is and that her life’s controlled by her label. She just wants a loving boyfriend. Russell Brand, a recovering addict himself, has expressed concern. “He told Katy that she had to step in because Rihanna is on a very slippery slope.”

The source goes onto say Rihanna agrees she needs to stop because she doesn’t want to be the next Amy Winehouse. Well, that is kind of sad, huh? Not the story, but the fact that all I got out of it was an awesome Katy Perry and Rihanna lesbian fantasy. I am a bad person.

Rihanna, don’t ever stop giving us sexy pictures to stare at. If you have a drinking problem, please get it under control. Don’t jeopardize your hotness.

Examples below…

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