TMZ has obtained new video of the incident and it doesn’t appear to be a “joke” like Rob Kardashian claimed to police when he was in the back of the police car. In the video above, you can hear the photographer scream out, “He tried to kill me!” and when the police ask Rob what he is doing in the store, he replies with, “I’m shopping.”

He didn’t happen to mention he was “joking” then. Sounds a bit fishy, huh? Maybe he didn’t like the fact that someone was video taping him arguing with his hot female friend, or maybe this whole thing is a big joke. Those police officers looked faked, didn’t they? They looked like Paul Blart’s cousins. This is probably some stunt for one of the Kardashian shows.


The Kardashians are having a tough week. Kim Kardashian got “flour bombed” and now we have learned that Rob Kardashian was arrested! No, he wasn’t arrested for being a huge douche (sadly that is completely legal) he was arrested for chasing after a member of the paparazzi.

Rob noticed the guy was taking pictures of him and his friends, so he thought it would be funny to act like he was chasing the photographer. Sounds like a pretty funny joke, yeah? Except, the photographer didn’t know it was a joke and took off running and screaming for help. A cop happened to see the incident go down and put Rob Kardashian in handcuffs, and even threw him into the back of the police car.

However, after interviewing everybody, the police came to the conclusion that it was just a prank gone wrong. They ended up letting poor ol’ Rob free…dangit! We were so close to having one of the Kardashians locked away.

Maybe next time.

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