Call me superficial, but I believe modeling and stripping are two jobs that should NOT be equal opportunity. But the people over at Badgley Mischka don’t seem to agree with me, since they have made Rumer Willis the new chin of their brand. I’m hoping that Badgley Mischka is just counting on the idea that Rumor Willis is better known than Badgley Mischka… which would be a fair bet. Cletus Slempky who eats dirt at my local gas station is probably better known than their pretentious brand. You never know, perhaps Badgley Mischka is just trying to break into that oh so profitable tranny market.

What pisses me off is that nepotism is what got her the job, (falling out of Demi’s vagina is a powerful thing in Hollywood) when there are plenty of tall, skinny girls that have been snorting coke and blowing photographers for years just for this chance.

But so I’m not only ripping on Rumer I’ll say that the first pose almost makes me want to slather her with sour cream and chives and have my way with her. The rest however make me want to wrap her in tin foil and shove her in an oven. I bet when she stands in front of a fun house mirror her reflection looks like a normal person.

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One thought on “Rumer Willis is a Model Now


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