Well, motorcyclists, it looks like your ladies and your mommas won’t have any reason to keep you from riding your beloved bike — not with this inflatable suit that is designed to puff up less than a second after impact.

Rejean Neron, a Canadian inventor, has integrated modern air bag technology to develop a motorcyclist suit reminiscent of the blueberry from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But… it could, indeed save lives.

According to IdeaConnection.com, ‘the Safety Sphere concept suit is made up of two layers- a tough outer layer made of a thin, parachute-like fabric and an inner thin elastic layer. The suit is connected to the motorcycle by a cord that disconnects when the passengers are thrown from the motorcycle, triggering an electric signal. A canister of nitrocellulose fires when the signal is sent, inflating the suit in just 0.05 seconds.’ That is five hundredths of a second, ladies and gentlemen.

The coolest thing about this suit — other than the fact that it’ll save your life and you’ll look like a melon ball — is that you won’t have to actually collide with the ground to activate it. Meaning — unlike regular air bag tech, where you actually have to first make contact before it deploys — this suit inflates while you are still airborn.

So, go tell your mommas/your girlfriends/your wives all about the Safety Sphere… cause you’re goin’ to get you a bike! Well… you shouldn’t really jump the gun, though… the guy still has to get funding first. :(


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4 thoughts on “Safety Sphere Inflatable Suit for Motorcyclists [Video Included!]

  1. Jim Larsen says:

    Looks like it could mitigate some problems, but had the guy hit the van for real, instead of the tiny bit low enough to fly over, and the bag would be useless.

    My suggestion to the inventor is to include a panic button. Motorcyclist sees van, inflates, and bounces off. Of course, many near misses would be turned into accidents, but fewer fatalities and serious injuries would result. Then there’s the accidental inflation. Maybe a sensor and a computer would be better. Let the machine determine when it’s Oh S*** time.

    I’d definitely want to inflate before impact. It would loft you up and out of the line of fire, too.

  2. bob craven says:

    I agree. its ok when a passenger has left the cycle but what if it comes into direct contact with another vehicle without throwing the rider.

    Under those circumstances it needs to have some form of activation either rider controlled or automatic, plus if that can be produced then would the passenger who may not be wearing such a suite be thrown from the bike as a result of its inflation and possibly suffer some injury if not greater injury ?


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