Here’s Sarah Palin on the beach in Hawaii with her family on Wednesday, and if we didn’t know better we’d think that was Hilary Clinton bending down to remind Bill why he had to drown his fear into Monica Lewinsky. Apparently, when she wrote “Going Rogue” she was thinking of her once beauty-contestant booty cutting all ties with the rest of her and spreading unauthorized havoc amongst republicans hoping to hit it during closed-door meetings in the Oval Office. Such a shame…

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35 thoughts on “Sarah Palin's ass and thighs have just gone rogue on her

  1. Your Name says:

    She’s not a model anymore and she takes care of a family. I don’t think she really cares about her cellulite. She’s better looking and more intelligent than all of the leftist bitches on Capitol Hill. They’re all jealous of her anyway.

    • Patti says:

      IF she actually took care of her family, Piper would be in school, and Trig would always be seen with his glasses and hearing aid. Also, too, , wanna bet she goes and gets liposuction on those thighs?

    • hiltop says:

      Model, when was she ever that? Losing an 80’s “beauty pageant” does not confer model statues: sorry.

      She does claim to be a runner though, but judging by those legs I’d say she embellished that claim too.

    • Your Name says:

      She does NOT take care of her family. She travels all the time to speaking engagements and book signings.

      She is NOT more intelligent. She thought Africa was a country, as an example.

    • jenny says:

      I am in the beauty industry and the former 1/2 term

      Governor is uglier without make up and her hair

      stylist ( complete with a bump it ( like snooki uses

      and some hair extensions ) than anyone I have

      worked on.. Palin has also had a good dose of Botox to

      stop her from scawling now. Could you imagine this

      dumb ass in the white house, she would be starting and

      airing her feuds on a worldly level, like she does a ”

      contributor ” on fox ” news ” Republican propaganda


      My point is, Palin is ugly inside and out and wraps herself

      around a ” patriotic ” flag while she using a cross hair

      map to target United State Citizens and disrespects our

      Democratically elected President.

      Palin is a Frankenstein monster created by the Corporate bought GOP.

  2. f-n-h says:

    I must continue my… parlayance… pariahood… p-word-something? Yeah, what have you. Big words meaning something. Ghostwrite this as it is dictated.
    Evil Alaskan magics make me still want to hit that!
    I am a bad person and horrible role model!
    I withdraw my nomination and candicacy and drop out from what have-yous.

  3. Hot Fuzz says:

    Nasty, she ain’t what she used to be. If that is why she gets attention I’m happy she didn’t win the election. I ain’t no leftist mofo either. But I’m not going to support a dipshit like her. Anyone who does is just showing their stupidity. Besides how great of a parent can she be, her daughter got knocked up in highschool!!!

  4. Samantha says:

    Forget her thighs…let’s talk about how she consistently spews misinformation and seems to forget that she has a following who believes every word she says, and how irresponsible she is with that kind of power. She incites intolerance and even hatred in some, and her inability to choose her words more carefully could lead to someone getting hurt.

  5. Merv The Perv says:

    She’s still very doable. Just turn down the lights. There’s a real reason GOD makes our eye sight weaker when we get up there in age!!!! How else would you bang a granny????

  6. Dave says:

    Although I have absolutely no respect for Sarah Palin, I don’t understand the point of this article. Is a 46 year old woman who is a full time mother and (in theory) spends most of her time behind a desk supposed to have no cellulite? The author of this article could stand to grow up a bit. And thumbs down to thedailyfix.com for publishing such a trite, foolish waste of electrons.

  7. Pimp says:

    Forget the thighs fellas. Just have her put some make up and and her mouth can do all the work. Can’t we all get along and just bang it? Dems and Reps alike.


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