Satisfaction In Life Is What You Need  

Happiness is not about having what you truly want, but wanting what you already have. This is what I would always try to remember whenever I feel like life is not being fair to me.

Whenever life tries to bring me down with hate, envy, and greed, I would just look at the things and the people that I have now, and appreciate it as much as I would appreciate having what I don’t have right now. There’s really a huge difference.

If we are satisfied with what we already have in our lives, then no matter what they are, we will always consider ourselves as rich.

We need to start loving and being satisfied with what we already have right now because it will remindus to be aware of our thoughts and to be aware of what we already have and what we are now. We need to be reminded constantly that life is always unfair, and for us to cope up with this, we need to embrace everything that life gives us because it is what it is.

When we feel like the things we have now is not enough, then we must be reminded constantly that our happiness in every moment is largely determined by our outlook. Whether we feel happy or not at any given moment most of the time has little to do with our true conditions, but it is rather a function of how we view and appreciate out situation, and how satisfied we are with what we have.

We can notice by listening to our thoughts that we spend a crazy amount of time wanting to be more than we are right now. We rarely sit back and admire at our accomplishments and what we became now. We unwittingly live in a state of personal dissatisfaction. This is something we need to remove from our mindsets. True, we need to stay hungry on achieving our goals in order for us to succeed in life, but it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate our current status. The more you appreciate yourself, the more you will improve. That’s the secret there.

We mostly ignore the person we are right now. We mostly ignore the simple things like our feet up on the couch, our children being healthy and vibrant, your dog lying next to you, all the simple things in life, we fail to appreciate them. It’s really important that we learn to appreciate the things life gave us, for this will be the avenue towards the goal of having what our hearts truly want.

We don’t think about these things consciously. These thoughts run deep through our heads until we take the time to notice them and really hear what we’re saying to ourselves. And then we realize all of this is getting out of hand.

If we can’t accept ourselves and what we are now, then we will never accept ourselves. It’s a way of practicing non-acceptance of ourselves over and over. It’s a common trend nowadays.

Satisfaction begins within ourselves. Being satisfied with what we have now and what we have achieved as of the moment is the greatest feeling of satisfaction that we can get. It is truly necessary, normal, and rightful, to be aware and craves for what we want in this life. However, it is also a balance that we must appreciate the things that we have as of the moment, for it will turn out to be the fuel for us to improve and upgrade what we currently are.

Life is about satisfaction and appreciation. Learn to accept and appreciate life, and you’ll see the wonders and beauty of satisfaction that you can never fin anywhere else.

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