Ok, so Selena Gomez was trying to evade the paparazzi, but how is looking like a Muslim woman with her berka put on backwards (or put on the right way with the eye curtains closed for the day) managing to avoid attention? No word as to whether she had a one to one meeting with the pavement dirt on her way to her car.

And rule of Crazy Undercover Celebrity #1: hide your face BEFORE you exit the premises, not after your unshielded mug is already captured on film…hey, nobody said they were smart…just famous for something…

117 thoughts on “Selena Gomez embraces Islam

  1. Sal says:

    Islam is not a religion but more a political system that governs every aspect of your daily life. Is there any other religion that encourages its adherents to intimidate, humiliate and kill those who don`t believe the Pedophile-Warlord to be the last prophet of God?.. hahah Islam is the biggest joke on the planet XD

    On a side note, did anyone here know that Prophet Mohamed engaged a 6 year old girl and consummated that marriage when she was 9? Yea, Mohamed the prophet of God had sexual intercourse with a 9 year old girl :]…Muslim will try to find justifications to this immoral behavior of course……Btw, the name of this girl was Aisha…….Google it my friend ;]

    • ... says:

      Oh, no s*x happened my friend. It was just a plain marriage…Of which this girls father was more than happy to have his daughter marry the prophet. Hye, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, you’re best when you have your trap shut, yh?

    • Oi! says:

      Hey, if sex did happen then it was ok because her dad was happy about it, and sex happened inside marriage. please note that there are different stuff diferent ppl believe as there are 3 different types such as shia, wahbi and sunni. wahbi like to ‘dress’ stuff up. so please think b4 u say

    • Iffy says:

      What the F*ck is your problem?
      Ignorant kothe ka baccha.
      It was 4000 years ago.
      4 thousand freaking years!
      ever thought things could be different
      back then? I’m sure you’d rather be married
      with a family, good home, amazing husband
      with money and Iman, than sit
      around at home all day
      being a burden on society.
      PS. Girls back then were more mature than
      youll ever be.
      Fu*ck you.
      Good Bye.

    • FATIMA says:

      i would like you to shut up cause you guys go blinded after the religieon of ur 4fathers! and that girl was born for him and allah told him to marry her and if you want proof read quran >plus she was his friends daughter and his friend wanted him to marry her go on find the whole info you moron idiot and dont tell until ya read the whole info you stupid little idiot and get the quran read it and ya will know never again will you say anything about islam
      PS:ISLAM does not say to do any of the things you mentioned and i will like you to answer this if you are a Christan WHY DID YOU CHRISTAN’S MURDERED CHRIST?AS HE WAS ALSO GODS PROPHET you idiots !!
      and islam does not tell to even make fun of ur religieon but it does asks muslims to try and convince you guys in a polite manner and DONT YOU DARE TALK ABOUT OUR BELOVED PROPHET LIKE THIS

    • Yunus says:

      u christians use google to know about our religion……..suck my dick u bitch…….Quran is the only source to know anything about islam…….and if u have any problem with that…….than ask about islam to those 600 ppl who gets converted to islam every year……..

    • bin says:

      You have obviously listened to the disinformation that others have spread and haven’t done ur research. prophet mohammed(PBUH) didn’t consumate this marriage til aisha was at least 15 years old because she accompanied him in the battle of badr right after their marriage and all were required to be at least 15 to be in any battles.

      You unbelievers use this one subject over and over to try and discredit all the good he has done. Have you ever looked up the word muslim or Islam? I guess not! Well if you do, you will find that all that were sent including Jesus (PBUH) submit to the creator. Even rocks ,trees,animals,rivers&plants submit. Humans that listen to satan don’t submit & they are the worst of created beings. You’ve been warned.

  2. elif says:

    guys , please dont! Islam is a religion i’m muslim but muslim people are not bad people also chistian people are not bad this is our own religion we must live with together and peace (:

    • Yunus says:

      Christians changed the book written by Christ…..they made changes according to them….they changed the rules for so that they can live the life they want…….u know what…….Muslims and Christians r kinda same…..u will understand what i mean to say once u try to know meaning of islam……..

  3. Umar Farouk says:

    Yo listen everybody we are all the same there only 2 kinds of people good people and bad people if Selena Gomez is a Muslim that’s her choice so just stop being racist please I’m a Muslim

  4. prince rashy says:

    hey my muslim broz and sisters assalamualaikum.leave ths bitches nd dogs.let thm bark they lyk animals.their lives everythng is lyk animals.leave thm.the thrd world war wil be between muslims nd n0n muslims.nd da muslmz are gonna win it.i guarante it.

  5. Joey says:

    This is so funny to read you all: “my dad is stronger than your dad” and “you think like me or I’ll kill you”… But hey, you waste your life like you want to, me I prefer to live outside all these superstitions, Islam or Christianity alike, I believe in science: when I die I’ll go back to the oblivion where I came from.

  6. Maryam says:

    Hey Everyone, i’m a muslim but christians, muslims, hindus, sikhs, we’re all people and we’re all living in a time were there’s peace unlike the past so we should all be grateful. My best friend is a christian and i am a muslim and we get along like we’re the same religion.

  7. madison says:

    guys could u just stop this, i believe in Islam like they believe in our religion (i’m christian)so we have nothing to do with their religion and when i’m 18 I’ll join this religion cuz it’s awesome

  8. Famalamala says:

    I think there shoudd be peace between all religions im a muslim but i have many christian friends, we dont fight or say my religion is better , we should except each others religions. i hate extremist they make us muslims look bad.

    (ps. selena is a muslim name and shes supporting gaza and she has a necklace with “allah” on it.)

  9. umm says:

    why dont you all shut up… i believe in none… religious war fighting over who has the best imaginary friend to each their own belief if Christians wanna push Christianity onto people F OFF if Muslims wanna blow shit up for their belief F OFF why dont you all go rot in the ground. . . you all fwits for believing in a book written fuckyears ago and re written because it was to “graphic” . . .only Americans

  10. Kainat says:

    people can be WHATEVER they want, FREEDOM, people! FREEDOM! Oh and she probably was just avoiding the paparazzi and hiding her face, Boy, this world is filled with stupids.

  11. Musalmaan says:

    Islam Is the best Religion EVER!!!………….No Religion can compare to it………..It’s Perfect……!!!
    Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad(SAWW) Has even taught us not to throw Banana Peels on the streets so that when kinds and people who are to poor to even eat a Banana see them they won’t feel bad about it………………..If that’s not called “COMPLETE TEACHING” then I don’t know wat is…………………………rest assured ISLAM Is The Best Religion EVER!!!!! and may ALLAH the Almighty also show you the path of truth!!!!!! Ameen!!

  12. elhamdülliallah says:

    WOW ! what happend here ?
    hey i’m a muslim too and Islam is a religion . we know that ( muslims) so it’s all right let the other people think what they like … I’m proud to be a muslim .
    Were are you come from ?

  13. mohammed says:

    so guys do you have to say bad things about islam am a muslim and am proud of being one, our prophet told us to respect other religious and believe in them so why don’t other religious at least respect islam, and about selena gomez obviously she didnt embrace the islam but she is welcomed anytime and anyone is welcomed to join the islam, and another point i wanna make clear, we have Qura’an we have a prophet and most important we believe in GOD that everyone believes in so Islam is a religious. am sorry if i said anything offensive to anyone..,

  14. daniel says:

    SHE IS CHRISTIAN!!! she was trying to conver her head. She has 5 dogs for pets, in the muslim religion you are not allowed to have dogs. She says i want to thank my lord and savior Jesus christ on both of her albums. In a video on youtube it shows all the cast praying to JESUS before the taping of a show. My gosh people! btw……..Christ is the way the truth and the light. one day you all will find that out

  15. taste-of-the-orient says:

    So if you put something over your head you become muslims ? Well that’s Islamophobic,Islam is far more then just wearing a face veil (which not all muslims wear).This article might offend muslims so becareful.

  16. Yunus says:

    all muslims living in america dont know anything about islam…….now listen all u america ppl…….islam teaches peace…..those terrorist attck happens on america because ur goverment help israel…..israel has weaken palestine…..and i dont know y u ppl hate muslims…..

  17. Your Name says:

    All Muslims should burn in hell. Your all garbage. Sorry but your religion has caused more problems and chaos then any other religion. Your people are always fighting about something and putting other countries in danger. But, yet its the “best” religion? I don’t think so. Your culture degrades women like their garbage and the men treat the women like shit. I’ve been to the Middle East so I’ve seen it all first hand and believe me you can KEEP your culture and your religion. Better off go back to your country and kill each other off, thats what your best at!!

    • 786 says:

      You have your religion so just stick by what you believe, im muslim and tbh islam has been giving a bad name by some of the muslims themselves, there are extremist out there no lie about that, they interpret the Quran in a wrong way, I too am sick and tired with this terrorism and bombings, dont forget muslims are human too and also the media portrays the muslims in a negative way.
      No offence but its like saying black people are muggers, asians like muslims are all terriorists, if you open your eyes you will see not everyone is the same, i hate the extremist of muslims out there that preech and do wrong, but you know what, i believe in God i believe in the day of judgement and what ever happens, whether Islam is the right religion or not, i believe in the teachings of the Quran and therefore we shall all see whose right and whose wrong on the day of Judgement. Hate muslims all you want, i for one dont care coz its not you thats gonna get me in to Heaven, you should think about yourself, this life and most importantly the after life.

      Look how the media portrayed Selena Gomez mimicing the burka? thats a load of crap. The media is very powerful, they can quickly cause disputes with people. Listen to youself and your own judgement, but dont allow it to cause you hate, if your that upset by muslims, then go and pray for peace coz thats what i always do, even if my prayers are not answered in this life, it will be hopefully answered for in the after life.

  18. Basharat ahmad says:

    Islam is the only true religion in the world . . . The followers of every religion except islam changed their holy books and in that way changed their religion . . .

  19. Farhana says:

    Guys, just stay quiet, please. Islam doesn’t teach us violent behaviour like this. Come on, allow it. Let them believe what they believe. Personally, I don’t believe that she’s embraced Islam. But there is really no need for all these comments..

  20. ZANERA says:


  21. ZANERA says:


    • Zach says:

      Let me guess u are Jewish. Coz bible and Islamic bible is same they both believe in Jesus u Jews killed Jesus and now make conflicts among us.

  22. Faryaal says:

    What is wrong with you people? I’m Muslim, and your comments are so ignorant and disrespectful. And guys, wearing a sweater over your head to evade the paparazzi is NOT embracing Islam.

  23. Faryaal says:

    You guys learn all this “info” about Islam from the news and Google. No, that’s not Islam, that’s the extremists. Islam is about peace and forgiveness.

  24. Aliyah says:

    WTF? Muslims are good. We don’t date or have sex till marriage, while other people whore around. And WE’RE the cause of problems? We don’t spread STD’s or teen pregnancy and shit like that. DO YOUR RESEARCH, ignorant dumbasses

  25. Luly says:

    And I have the most important to know you guys:
    Islam spreads peace in the world. So please don’t be quarell about Islam and other religion. Because I believe that every religion teaches us to do the right thing in this world. In fact, only God knows all the truth those we don’t know.

  26. ***shutup says:

    all of u islam is the only true religion left in the world all the other religions have been changed and our holy book is the only religious book that hasnt been changed even the slightest part of it is as it was when it was first revealed :) so shut up and stop making things up just to get attention k ?

  27. drake says:

    i know selena gomez is or will become a muslim.any one out there who says islam is stupid is a mocker and a unbeliver. selena i love u always with

  28. nada ihab says:

    islam will be hounered by selena’s entrance and every other human!!
    islam is the religion of peace!!
    *egyptian musliim!!

  29. 786 says:

    Selena aint muslim though? i saw a post about a burka dress and thats just a load of crap too. Im muslim and tbh muslim or not if you wanna dress decent or not thats up to you, sorry but here’s a fact, majority of the muslim girls out there dont pray, they tart themselves up and dont dress decently or modestly.The amount of hypocrites i have seen, with their caked makeup and tarty clothes with a hijab on.
    No wonder why the media wanna take the mic out of islam, its because some muslims give themselves a bad name.
    Sorry but its true and thats coming from a muslim girl too,
    Selena can dress the way she wants, if she takes the mic out of islam then thats her problem, we dont need to “unite” and cause a problem, infact muslims should just sit back and not even listen to the abuse coz we believe in Allah and the day of judgement, everyone has their own punishment. Think only about yourselves and how you will get into Heaven in the after life.
    Stuff everything else, im muslim you wanna swear and abuse me then feel free too, at the end of the day i dont care, i got a life unlike those who curse at muslim people, goes to show you guys got nothing better to do apart from sit infront of a computer screen and abuse those online, try doing that to people’s faces. I promise you haters the reaction will be very different x

  30. Arish says:

    Hmm… U know that MJ that was a christian converted to muslim. But u ever had listen that a muslim is converted yo any other religion?? No.. Bcuz when other religous people realize thats their regious are fake so they changed it.. Like u will all do it one day inshallah..


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