Here’s Serena Williams attempting to bring all penises to the breaking point because, instead of being perched on top of the Empire State building, grabbing traffic helicopters with her toes she’s oiled up and naked on the cover of ESPN’s first Body Issue (to hit stands on October 9). And since staring at her privates would feel similar to actually seeing the Lochness monster for the first time, the editors made sure her Grand Canyon was strategically covered.
Serena is among six athletes who have been chosen to appear on six different covers of the magazine. The other five sport figures include mixed martial artist Gina Carano, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson, and Dwight Howard of the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

The editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine, Gary Belsky, said the magazine will also include a section called “Bodies We Want” that features other top athletes, who either pose in the buff or with minimal clothing. He stated at a conference call on Wednesday, September 30 that the section is “essentially our version of the best bodies in sports.”

Mercifully, King Kong did not make that section. And for those who’s memory is as weak as Hugh Hefner’s bladder, here’s a few pics to remind you why Serena Williams naked and untouched is a blatant violation of penis human rights.

7 thoughts on “Serena Williams naked for ESPN…thankfully with someone else's body

  1. claude says:

    1st, i take offense to the monkey joke, and 2nd, i believe Serena is very attractive…ESPECIALLY THAT ASS! I wish i was on the beach with her! Not only would I marry her, but i would [email protected] her so often that I would run out of sperm in two [email protected] that fake ESPN photo and to hell with your criticisms.


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