Every girl knows that it’s not a good idea to wear make up when you go to the gym… but it might have been a good idea for Kim to ignore that rule. Why? Because, when she stepped out of her Ferrari make up free and lookin’ rough as hell… Yeah, the clogged pores just might have been a better alternative than the media backlash.

The luxurious Kim Kardashian is always ready for the paparazzi, but it’s apparent that she was caught off guard when she made her way into a fitness center. Think about it, have we ever seen Kim Kardashian without a gallon’s worth of mascara and eye liner on… even through the year’s of reality TV shows. (Well, when she’s not crying it all off, that is…) It’s shocking that’s it’s taken this long for her to take her mask off.

And, it’s obvious that Kim knew she was going to be feeling the backlash of ditching her make up for a midday workout, because only hours later she posted pics of herself on Twitter… with the mask back on and in nothing but a bra. So maybe — just maybe — she was trying to take the focus off of her make up free face and onto her satin covered boobs. Just a thought…

So — what do you think? Was the unveiling of Kim’s real face so terrible? Or should she have opted for the clogged pores?


Kel Tells is a spunky and sassy twenty-five year old celebrity blogger who wishes to one day be just like Perez Hilton… because she’s a self-proclaimed bitch, just like he is. Kel is an in-your-face celebrity stalker (oops, I meant blogger) who will speak the truth – even if it is a bit harsh. She has attitude and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. Kel believes that her readers deserve to know the juicy truth about their favorite and not-so-favorite celebs. She also welcomes comments and criticisms, so make sure and check out her latest posts.


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