I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you the phallic nature of a banana. They’re long — sometimes thick, sometime not — they’re firm yet soft, they’re… well, you get the point. Put them in the mouth of a hot chick, and they become sustenance of a different kind.

Hell, even an Islamic cleric in Europe banned women from TOUCHING a banana — the sexual resemblance too strong for women to be around it. Now, while that’s just sick, it proves my point. No matter who you are, you simply cannot resist a babe with a banana.

Ladies, you want something from your man? Eat a banana very, veeeeery slowly. He’ll give you whatever you desire — especially if it’s a private trip to the nearest bedroom, bathroom, car, or ‘other.’

Though, that brings another question to mind. While some can see how sucking on a banana is sexy, what about EATING a banana? It’s not like you’d want a girl to literally grub on your… well, you know. Seriously, is it sexy for a girl to BITE a banana? I suppose some guys are into that, but we’re finding that even men who aren’t into pain dig the visual of women eating bananas. But, what about you? Are girls with bananas sexy… or not?


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Kel Tells is a spunky and sassy twenty-five year old celebrity blogger who wishes to one day be just like Perez Hilton… because she’s a self-proclaimed bitch, just like he is. Kel is an in-your-face celebrity stalker (oops, I meant blogger) who will speak the truth – even if it is a bit harsh. She has attitude and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. Kel believes that her readers deserve to know the juicy truth about their favorite and not-so-favorite celebs. She also welcomes comments and criticisms, so make sure and check out her latest posts.

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One thought on “Sexy or Not: Girls with Bananas

  1. James Smith says:

    This is one more example of the arrogant disregard Lindsey Lohan has for others. An ordinary human being with her record of drugs, drunken driving, and other crimes would be in jail for years, not hours. That’s exactly where this disgusting human being belongs; doing hard time in the general prison population.


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